About Milwaukee Robotics Academy

Our unique focus combines the thrill of competition, with high level skills training, to engage youth in programming, engineering, design, and fabrication. From youth football to elite basketball young people in Milwaukee are gaining skills through enjoyment, competition, and hard work. An under-reported story in Milwaukee has been the adaptation of this model to developing high level STEM training. For over a decade in the basement of a Milwaukee high school a massively successful robotics team has been developing the workforce for Milwaukee’s STEM careers. Since 2015, 72 percent of our college alum work in STEM fields. Our graduating seniors are heading to college and majoring in STEM fields. Additionally, our graduates are starting their own businesses in Milwaukee and creating new jobs. We currently have students enrolled in electrical, mechanical and software engineering in schools in Wisconsin and across the US.

The Milwaukee Robotics Academy is committed to supporting high-tech STEM education in under-served populations in the City of Milwaukee. This is accomplished through:

Proven Curriculum

implementing a proven curriculum developed by FIRST Robotics. where our youth design, build, and program 120-pound robots to compete in regional and national competitions. Each year youth are challenged with a new game requiring that a completely new robot is designed and built.

Hands on

Hands on teaching and training is led by professional STEM volunteers. These teachers train at the highest standards bringing real world, training and problem solving directly to our youth.


Mentoring and counseling are built into each interaction with youth to ensure they are developing high-level skills and the confidence and resilience to launch and complete their academic and career path.

Preparing for the Future

Preparing students for the high tech workforce or the future

State of the Art Learning

Substantially increasing the number of skilled young people working in this sector for Milwaukee to lead in the high tech fields of the future.